Traditional women material….

18 Oct

I am not entirely sure who these people are.

The people who have the time and effort left in them after a day at work to make their own jam, bake their own bread and make their own vanilla extract:

It all sounds lovely. But I am the person who watches TV shows about these people. Grand Designs where people build their amazing and inventive dream homes (and getting financially and emotionally ruined in the process). Home Baking Made Easy where miss Pascale create these wonderful little treats (while telling you that it is perfectly acceptable to only make one dessert for your guest, all though I can’t even pronounce Pain d’Epi).

I would love to have all this time on my hands. I would like to come home and have the energy left over to create masterpieces in the kitchen and whip up a ‘quick’ made-from-scratch-took-me-all-****-night pie. And with Christmas approaching I would not mind to be sending out homemade Christmas cards made from recycled paper and wrap my presents in old newspapers (not because I don’t have the money to buy actual wrapping paper, but because I’m saving the environment and its fashionable….). What Kirstie Allsopp made look so easy (for the 2 minutes I managed to watch her ‘make your perfect home yourself show’ before my eyes started bleeding and she got so annoying I nearly threw my pot noodles at her) seems impossible with my tiny little hands that are usually ice-cold during the winter because I haven’t built a fireplace from stones I found on my walks in the countryside on quiet Sunday mornings.

Most of the people in these programmes live in the country side, are on first name basis with their local butcher and green grocer. They have home offices and walk their dog for hours each day. They have large gardens with apple trees, vegetable patches with fresh herbs and weirdly shaped potatoes. I grew up in a house like that. Far out in the country side in Norway(well half an hour from the third largest city…). My mother had a full-time job but still found time to make homemade jam from our own strawberries, homemade squash from our own red currants and dinner was always accompanied by our home-grown potatoes and carrots. Meat was provided by a family friend who enjoyed hunting on the weekends. This all sounds very glamorous and adorable. But the fact is that all this was done to save money. To do these things today won’t necessarily save you money, and for a modern working woman it certainly doesn’t save any time.

Check in with me in about 10 years, you might find me in a barn conversion in the Norfolk country side, digging up potatoes for the evening vegetable soup, cutting flowers from the garden to decorate indoors and picking leaves to glue to recycled paper as it is close to a friend’s birthday….but probably not.








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